Our Quality Control System

Unlike other companies or traders Shenzen Link Industries has a comprehensive Quality Control System. Our quality Control System includes the following four steps process:

IQC: Incoming Quality control
All the raw material received from our suppliers is strictly checked and tested. We test all raw materials randomly for conductivity, extensibility, impedance. We also evaluate our suppliers twice a year to make sure they are still qualified.

IPQC: In Process Quality Control
We have a team of 20 people inspecting constantly all the manufacturing processes to make sure the production is going according to plan. During this inspection process, we test the capacity, concentricity, twist pitch, insulation diameter, etc.

FQC: Final Quality Control
All finished product are tested for sheath diameter, attenuation, crosstalk, SL, NEXT, fire-resistance, tensile strength, aging, bending, vibration, etc.

OQC: Outgoing Quality Control
Before the product is delivered to our customers, we check carefully the quality, quantity and packaging to make sure it conforms with the original order and to guarantee that the goods will arrive to their destination in good condition.